Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

The resources on this page cover important topics related to responsible use of technology and digital citizenship including:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online privacy and reputation
  • Nettiquette  (online etiquette)
  • Respect for copyrighted and opensource digital content
  • Online research skills and avoiding plagiarism

Some Concerning Statistics

  • 43% of teens have been victims of cyberbullying
  • 53% of teens have sent a hurtful message via technology
  • only 10% of cyberbullying victims tell their parents
  • the legal age to use Facebook and other social media platforms is 13

What can you do?

Explore some of these resources to learn about what you can do to ensure that your student is using technology in a positive, purposeful, and productive manner.

  • www.commonsensemedia.orgA collection of supporting resources activities and curriculum on digital literacy and digital citizenship.
  • A wealth of information and ideas for parents on sensible and ethical uses of technology.
  • www.digizens.orgA great stopping point for understanding what digital citizenship is all about including lots of resources on the topic of Social Networking and its impact on kids.
  •  A great site for kids containing collection of fun digital citizenship activities for kids.


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